About Lila


“Lila” (pronounced Leela) is a Sanskrit word which loosely translates as “life is a divine play”. I find this concept both fascinating and empowering. I also choose to stretch the definition and remind people to “play wisely” ; and, that’s what this site has become about. Below you will find people, products, ideas and programs that I feel are simultaneously important and light-hearted and that also have the world’s highest good at their core.

Though earlier under a different name, the root of this business began almost 20 years ago. The services have run quite the gamut from an actual studio that offered a wide variety of yoga and meditation classes both in-house and at local businesses for almost 14 years. There was a yoga teacher training program, a handful of retreats and countless workshops ranging in topics as diverse as Laughing Yoga and The Science of Spirituality.

Lila has hosted speakers such as Deepak Chopra, General Romeo Dallaire and Michael Stone and co-ordinated several bus trips to Toronto – including a cool journey to see the Dalai Lama! As well, Lila hosted space for alternative health practitioners, developed Simply Balanced Living Coaching, dabbled with blogging and twittering and published a paper called the Lila Quarterly. The list goes on but that covers the bulk of it.

And now… as well as adding Yoga Coloring Books and a ZenSheds to my list of odd projects – I’m transitioning this site to simply be a resource site for these people, products, ideas and programs that matter to me, and that I believe make the world a better place. Some are directly Lila related but many are simply endorsements.

I hope that you find something of benefit here.

– Jane Forrington